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A Personal Message from Tom Tabor

Tom Tabor in his office working

I have met many fine persons in our area and the surrounding areas. I believe that my work and life experiences have given me a real perspective on the practice of law, and what it really means to argue a case that my clients sincerely believe in proving to the Court. I believe as a lawyer, I bring a lot of “real life” vision to what my clients want to project to the Court for resolution of their problems. I sincerely hope that my biography has shed some light upon what you are potentially looking for when you seek a lawyer to argue your case.

As our country, state, county, and municipality face the on-coming problems of the future, I hope that I can be of service to you. I appreciate your consideration, and I hope to talk with you at my office if you desire to consider me for employment. Please call for an appointment so that I can set aside time to talk to you about your problems.

Thank you for reading and God Bless.

Respectfully yours,